Dr. Troy McColman

Dr. Troy McColman


Dr. McColman’s love of sports and fitness led him to the field of chiropractic. He received his Doctorate of Chiropractic in 2001 from Palmer College of Chiropractic in Iowa.

Established in 1897, Palmer was the first school of chiropractic in the world.  The Palmer Center for Chiropractic Research is the largest and most highly funded research effort in the chiropractic educational community.

While studying at Palmer, Dr. McColman suffered a soft tissue injury and was introduced to what has become a large focus of his practice:  Active Release Therapy (ART).

After being successfully treated with ART, he knew that he wanted to find and utilize therapies that would complement chiropractic in his clinic.  In practice for over 20 years now, he is trained and has a great deal of experience in the Cox Technic, Active Release Therapy, Low Level Laser Therapy, Shockwave, Graston, and Microcurrent Therapy.

Dr. McColman enjoys spending time outdoors with his wife and 2 children.  Biking, skiing and boating are favourites although he loves to try any type of sport!

Kayla Hullman

Kayla Hullman

Clinic Manager

Kayla feels fortunate to have grown up in Brooks, for a few years she was away attending university and is happy to now be back living and working in this wonderful community!

Kayla has always enjoyed keeping an active and healthy lifestyle, in fact one of her favourite pastimes is snowboarding.  She loves anything that takes her outdoors.

Being a part of the clinic has allowed her to enjoy working in an environment dedicated to helping others feel better as they improve their quality of life, something Kayla is always passionate about!

Marina Smith

Marina Smith

Chiropractic Assistant

Marina was born and raised right here in Brooks, and came to us with a background of working in the healthcare field.

Happy to be part of the clinic family, Marina is continuing her work within the medical field, building on her experience and expanding her knowledge.

She appreciates being able to focus on caring for others and helping them feel their best.

Marina and her two children love to spend their time outdoors, staying active and exploring nature, but would never pass up on a good movie night in!

Why wait to feel great?!

In our experience, people initially avoid seeking treatment for one of two reasons: they hope their injury will heal own its own with time, or they feel there is nothing that can be done to resolve their problem. Only when the pain is so great and they feel they have exhausted all other options do they seek care.

We realize that making the decision to receive treatment is a big commitment in time, money, scheduling appointments, and doubts whether therapy will fix your problem.  They are always factors when making such a decision, and in most instances, pain and lack of mobility are the driving factors to seeking care.

We all hope that the problem that led us to receive treatment in the first place will be resolved quickly and permanently, and hopefully in one visit. With our 20 years of experience, we do not see this too often, and most ailments require a treatment plan.

Injuries are an inconvenience to our normal life and most need proper time and therapy to resolve. We also know that everyone’s treatment goals are different and are dependent on the nature of the condition.  Maybe you want to run and workout again, or maybe you just want to be able to walk to mailbox again or work without pain.

We are always up front with patients seeking care. We give the best treatment strategies and educate you on your condition – because we know educated patients have better treatment outcomes.  We take time to read X-ray and MRI reports and to answer questions about nutritional products that can aid in the recovery process.  We can recommend other healthcare professionals and do whatever we can to help you reach your treatment goals.

Simply put: we want to gain your trust. We do this by working with you, listening to your concerns, helping you to understand your condition, assessing your complaint, giving you realistic treatment expectations, finding your problem area(s) and providing safe and effective strategies and referrals to reach your treatment goals.

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